Local Area Co-ordination - GP Cluster Areas  for people 16+ 

In September 2017, Fife Forum together with the Fife Health & Social Care Partnership introduced 3 new Local Area Co-ordinators to work within specific GP Cluster Areas (Glenrothes; Levenmouth; Kirkcaldy & Cowdenbeath)

Our Vision 

We believe people should be encouraged and supported to:

  • Remain active and connected to their communities
  • Retain their independence for as long as possible
  • Continue contributing to their community and are valued equally by it

To support this we will work with people, their families and carers, service providers and communities in an innovative and personalised manner with the aim to empowering individuals to overcome the challenges of identifying services and resources which support them to live as independently as possible within their communities.



Further Information 

Further information and contact details can be found in the attached leaflet.

LAC Leaflet Update 22 06.pdf