About Fife Forum

Fife Forum was established in 1990 as Fife Elderly Forum Executive. This was the umbrella organisation for elderly fora in Fife giving information and advice on older people's issues. 

Over time we introduced an advocacy service. This assists people aged over 65 who are in hospital or resident in care settings. 2009 saw the introduction of User Panels. In 2011 we introduced Local Area Co-ordination for older people in Fife. With the commencement of the integration of health & social care this has been extended to include a service for adults.  2017 sees further expansion to some GP practices.

Mission Statement

Fife Forum is committed to improving the quality of life of people in Fife, and recognises that whilst engaged in this task it is of utmost importance the people can make informed and appropriate choices about how they live, and are able to retain their independence whilst services are provided.


Fife Forum seeks to achieve a difference by:

  • Campaigning for services for people in Fife;
  • Ensuring that people are aware of their entitlements;
  • Seeking opportunities for people to have active and fulfilling lives;
  • Promoting the benefits of people having an active part in the life of their communities;
  • Identifying the specific needs and interests of people, and ensuring that this information is made available to policy makers and those responsible for implementing and delivering services.

"It is not the responsibility of the government to tell the people what is acceptable; it is the responsibility of the people to tell the government what is not acceptable."